Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries in Asia

Asia is a very colorful continent. Its history attracts a lot of tourists who come from all over the world. The cultural and linguistic diversity of this continent are great assets for its development. Splendid landscapes make the beauty of its countries. Discover in this article the top 5 of the most beautiful countries in Asia.


If you are in search of exploit in Asia, the Philippines is the place to be. With a very hospitable and warm population, you will find museums that tell breathtaking stories, statures and very exceptional mystical sculptures. There are 19 regional museums in Philippine, « Ayala museum » is the most visited museum because it has Philippian history from it early era till when they gain independence. And if you are addicted to beach, you will be in for a treat.


India is a country with a vast cultural heritage. All of Indian culture is based on mystical events. Exceptional museums like the Tal Mahal, breathtaking palaces like the Palace of the Winds, surprisingly there is amazing museum called « KOLKATA » it ages museum in it you can find rear ornaments, antiques and amours. Parks of remarkable diversity such as the Bannerghatta National Park await you there.


China is a very rich country in terms of its history, its gastronomy, as well as its palaces and museums. In China, you will explore landscapes of unparalleled splendor. From Beijing to Qufu, via Tianjin, Shanghai, Luoyang and Hangzhou, you will discover diverse cultures and a very welcoming population.


With its four islands and 3000 islets, Japan is a very beautiful country. From Tokyo to Kyoto, your journey will be very rich. With sumptuous landscapes, magnificent museums and gastronomy filled with flavors await you in the land of the rising sun.


Thailand is a very beautiful country. Its particularity is that all the inhabitants of Thailand are very welcoming and hospitable. With breathtaking gastronomy, Thailand is undoubtedly one of the greatest territories in the world.

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