Things you need to know about English tourism

England is a lovely country. From historical museums to gastronomy to basilicas, England is a historically rich country. Visiting this lovely country will an amazing event that will remain engrave in your recollection forever? This article will give you details about British tourism.

Visit England for its history

England is a country at the very heart of human history. It covers fifty eight Island of Great Britain. England have boarder with wales in the west and Scotland to its north, it also includes more than 100 smaller islands. Its multitudes of museums keep telling stories, each more fantastic than the next. The British Museum in London which is the largest museum in England will leave you speechless, as well as the 230 theatres will amaze you. With its seven million objects from all walks of life, this museum is linked to the history of many parts of the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tower of London is at the very heart of history, did you even know there are throughout the ages, this tower has symbolized the oppression of rulers in this country. Other places such as Warwick Castle, Broadway Tower and Hadrian’s Wall are worth a visit. In every English town you will find traces of human history. This country has kept the history of our land engraved in these prayers.

England: a beautiful country

Besides the cultural richness, England is a country rich in sumptuous landscapes. From north to south, you will discover magnificent landscapes which have inspired many poets and writers throughout history. London is not England. So if you want to see all of England, you have to visit other cities such as Cornwall and Brighton. This course will make you discover another face of this beautiful country. English gastronomy is also one of the reasons for visiting this country. It is highly diversified and highlights exceptional flavors. Visit England and you will be delighted till you leave