Top 5 Most Amazing Countries in Africa

Africa is a lovely continent blessed with blacks. African countries are recognized around the world for their wild charm. In Africa, God bless us with different savannas with flora and fauna in perfect harmony. If you want to take a trip to Africa, here is a list of the most beautiful African countries that you absolutely must visit.

South Africa

South Africa is a country very rich in landscapes. Among other things, they have natural mountainous landscapes such as the Drakensberg mountain ranges or Table Mountain in Cape Town to name a few. You will find wildlife in perfect harmony with nature, as in the Kruger Park national park. In this country, it is not uncommon to come across beautiful rock faces or gigantic waterfalls.

The Mali

Mali is a country covered with dry savannas. These savannas are unparalleled in beauty. To admire them, you must not stand at the top of the massive giants of Dyoudé and Hombori. If you go to Bamako the biggest city of Mali you will find National Park, you will be amazed by the harmony that reigns among the animal species.

The Morocco

Morocco is famous for its very charming inhabitants, its environmental richness as well as its culture. With a gastronomy whose originality is well established, Morocco is a country of choice for a well-stocked holiday.


Tanzania is a country that has retained its wild side for years. This country is a perfect destination if you are looking for adventure and thrills. And if you are a rock climber or a professional, the Kilimanjaro Mountains await you there.

The Madagascar

The number of plants and animal life within their region in Madagascar is one of its kind in the world. Composed of 80% endemic species, the flora and fauna of this country will amaze you. You can climb the Tsaranoro Big Wall if you are a rock climber. And if you are passionate about vegetation, the magnificent tropical forest located in the East awaits you.